The city of Santiago de los Caballeros is the capital of the province of Santiago and is the second largest city of the Dominican Republic. Its located in the northern region in the center of the Cibao Valley, 155 kilometers northwest of Santo Domingo. Santiago is located in one of the most fertile areas of the Dominican Republic. The city is bisected by the river Yaque del Norte and is surrounded by two of the three mountain ranges in the country: the Cordillera Central and the Cordillera Septentrional.

Among the major attractions we can find in Santiago, we have the Monument of the Restoration, which is the architectural symbol of the city, in this area we can also discover neoclassical houses dating from the nineteenth century that are still preserved. Santiago's rum and tobacco factories - Bermudez Rum Factory and E Leon Jimenez Tobacco Company - offer tours that are also quite popular with visitors. The Leon Jimenez Cultural Center offers cultural exhibits and performances rivaling those of the other museums in Santiago.


45 minutes driving southeast from Santiago, in the heart of the Cordillera Central mountain range, you'll find Jarabacoa. This town has been a popular summer place for wealthy dominicans for some time but adventure-sports has made it increasingly famous. It's a natural hub for those wanting to participate in these types of activities. The surrounding nature offering mountain fresh air, tall pines, huge waterfalls and many rapid rivers makes a perfect place to just about anything you want. It's also a starting point for those wanting to hike Pico Duarte, (highest peak in the Caribbean).

Tour operators from all over the country provide river rafting, kayaking, canyoning, hiking, climbing, paragliding and horseback riding trips in this area. The town itself is quite enjoyable whether you participate in these activities or not.


Located in a beautiful circular valley - 90 km southeast of Santiago and 140 km northeast of Santo Domingo - you'll come upon the beautiful mountain town of Constanza. Constanza is known for its remarkable mountain climate despite being located in a tropical island. Local tourism is very often during winter time. Throughout the rest of the year it is visited because of its closeness to the cientific reserve of Ebano Verde and also to have the nearest route to the Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean.

Constanza is also dedicated to green tourism with its waterfalls (Aguas Blancas), its rivers, its scientific reserve. It's the perfect place to relax, enjoy the tranquility of the mountain and take a breath of fresh air and pure. 

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